Dogs usually learn to enjoy boarding and they learn very quickly that Amberlyn Kennels is a clean, pleasant, and happy place. We have great food, treats, exercise and friendly people. It is as one local veterinarian, who boarded with us said, "your kennel is like a five star hotel for pets". We are happy to say area veterinarians recommend us and many of them board their own family pets with us.

For dogs we provide indoor/outdoor runs. Each dog has his own comfortable sleeping area inside where he has his own bedding (from home), food, water and toys. Every indoor space has a door that leads to a patio-type area outside. During the day, if weather permits, he can go in and out at free will. He can lie outside in the fresh air and chew his chewie, or take a nap. If the heat or air-conditioning is on, we must open the door and let him out every couple of hours.

Amberlyn Kennels has heated floors for your dog’s comfort. This is particularly great for older and or arthritic dogs. Our buildings are very well insulated, staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There is, of course, additional central heating and air-conditioning. In addition there are large attic and ceiling fans to provide excellent ventilation. Good ventilation and fresh air helps to prevent any spread of air-borne viruses and is a key factor in keeping your pet comfortable, clean and healthy during his stay.

Amberlyn Kennels wants you to relax and enjoy your trip. You are leaving your family member in very loving and capable hands. We have pets too, and we will care for your pets as we would want and expect our own pets to be cared for. Developing a good relationship with a superior boarding facility will help make trips easier for your pet, you and your family. We hope you, like thousands of other Frederick County residents choose Amberlyn Kennels.


The cattery is bright, airy and away from the dogs. We have single and double cat condos. Two family members can be together if the owner wants. We do offer lap time for the kitties. They usually enjoy individual attention. A handler can sit in the lounge chair and hold the kitty and pet or even brush her if she/he enjoys brushing. Kittens do great and seem to have a lot of fun. Adult cats are pretty nonchalant about their vacation time. We do however hear a lot of purring.

All cats must be current on shots. Rabies and the feline distemper combination are required. Leukemia is not required, but suggested for outside cats. Veterinarian proof of inoculation is required.

We feed cats dry cat chow. If you supply something in addition to ours or instead of ours, there is no additional charge.

Our cattery is very different from most cat facilities .We hope you come visit and compare. Your cat will thank you!

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