1. What type of facility do you have? We have what is called an indoor/outdoor facility. Every dog has his own sleeping apartment inside the building. That is where we put his food, water and bedding. He has a door leading to a patio type area outside. If the weather is nice, the door is left open during the day so he can go in and out at free will. If necessary the heat or air-conditioning might be on, so we open the door and let them out every couple of hours. Our 56 run kennel is a small kennel ,small enough to know our customers and their pets. We like that and after a few visits we KNOW the cat or dog personally and that helps us in his care.
  2. Can my dogs stay together? Yes. We have several different sized runs. Six runs are what we call our "Family Suites". They are large enough for multiple family dogs to be comfortable together.
  3. Can my dog have room to run? Yes. Some of our runs are up to 14 feet long. However, for a real romp you might want to sign him up for playtime.
  4. What is playtime? Playtime is where one of the staff members will take your dog into a securely fenced grassy play-yard. He can play ball, Frisbee, and run or just enjoy one on one with the handler. We always exercise only one pet at a time unless you have two dogs you want to play together. We have three separate play-yards, allowing us to give playtime up to twice a day if requested. There is an additional charge for playtime.
  5. Are fleas and or ticks a problem? No. Every animal is checked at check-in for any signs of fleas or ticks. If any sign is found, the pet must be bathed and dipped or he is refused boarding. Currently most pets are on flea control, like Frontline. However we still check every pet thoroughly.
  6. Will you give my pets their medication? Yes. Please bring your pets medication with you at the time of check-in. Bring enough for his stay (plus two or three days extra in case there is a delay in pick-up). All medication must be clearly labeled with first and last name and dosage.
  7. Can I bring bed, toys, etc.? Yes. All bedding must be freshly laundered, right out of the linen closet or dryer. Toys and chewies must also be clean. Everything must be labeled with first and last name.
  8. What inoculations does my dog need? He must be current for DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, and Parvo Virus), Rabies and Bordetella. (Canine cough). These inoculations must be given at least 10 days prior to boarding. Some veterinarians do not give the Bordetella routinely so you must ask for it. You should incorporate the Bordetella into your annual inoculations. You never know when an emergency may arrive and you need to board your dog for the first time. Keep the veterinarians print out so you can bring that with you for proof of all inoculations. For any questions about these requirements please call 301-898-3106.
  9. What if my pet becomes ill? If we have any concerns we would first try to contact you. (We always ask for an emergency number). If we were unable to reach you, we would call your veterinarian. If we were unable to contact your veterinarian, we would call mine. If all else fails, we would go to the emergency clinic. We would not hesitate to do whatever it would take to handle the situation.
  10. Can I visit the kennel? YES PLEASE DO!!! It is important to meet the people who will be caring for your pet and see where he will stay. It is a good time to ask questions or express any concerns you may have about boarding your pet. We enjoy showing visitors what we have to offer, and have encouraged people to visit us since we opened our doors in 1985. No appointment is necessary but we do ask that you come during our normal office hours. We also ask that if you are visiting other boarding facilities that you try to come here first or on a separate day. That is so you do not carry a virus in on your shoes or clothing from another facility. We are very serious about the health and safety of the pets left in our care.
  11. Please feel free to call with any questions. We will be glad to talk to you at length with any concerns you might have. 301-898-3106

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